Ip multipathing in solaris 10 patches

This article describes how to configure link based ipmp interfaces in solaris 10. The ipmp load spreading feature increases the machines bandwidth by spreading the outbound load between all the cards in the same ipmp group. Solaris ip multipathing made easy auburn university. Adding packages and patches upgrading systems from solaris 8 to solaris 9. For you information,from solaris 11 onward,zfs will be the default root. With the release of the solaris 10 update 4 os, the stmsboot1m command is now available for use on sparc, x86, and x64 based systems to enable or disable multipathing for fibre channel fc and sas devices. This means that test subnet of solaris 9 and 10 systems will not become probe targets for each other. How to apply a solaris recommended patch cluster solaris. As of the solaris 8 release, if a failure occurs in the network adapter, and if you have an alternate adapter connected to the same ip link, the system switches all the. It can be configured by adjusting the parameters in the etcdefaultmpathd file. Download solaris ip multipathing configuration for free. Solaris os patching has been moved far away from the traditional methods from solaris 10 onwards. If an interface within an ip multipathing group fails, the interface is disabled and its ip address is relocated to another interface in the group. Configured ipmp ip multipathing in solaris and nic bonding in linux.

Ive recently setup a bunch of machines for ip multipathing i. The old solaris luxadm command still manage fc arrays, but mpathadm command has been developed to work on all. Ip network multipathing provides your system with recovery from singlepoint failures with network adapters and increased traffic throughput. I have a sun v440 box, with soalris 9,set up for interface redundancy using multipathing, as follows. Prior versions of solaris did already have ipmp support, but it was a bit hacky. Oracle patches solaris 10 hole exploited by nsa spyware tool and 298 other security bugs mega load of updates lands for tons of big red gear by iain thomson in san francisco 19 apr 2017 at 00. A beginners guide to solaris multipathing software mpxio. Ipmp load spreading outgoing network traffic is able to utilize several network interfaces network trunking multiple physical network interfaces are treated as one. Oracle solaris storage multipathing mpxio provides multipath access to storage luns by grouping together the physical paths and presenting a single logical path. Configuring ip network multipathing on solaris azizs blog. How to configure solaris 10 probe based ipmp the geek diary. Solaris io multipathing gives you the ability to set up multiple redundant paths to a storage system and gives you the benefits of load balancing and failover.

Ip multipathing the ip multipathing ipmp feature in the solaris 8 operating environment offers continuous application availability by providing the ability to load balance failures when multiple network interface cards are attached to a system. One or more solaris patch fixlets available in the patches for solaris site. Solaris network multipathing system administration guide. In the previous versions of the solaris operating system, you need to edit the etchosts file and addedit the entry for the ip address and the hostname. Sharedip and exclusiveip in nonglobal solaris zones. First thing that i did was check to ensure that there were not any performance issues on any disks that might have been causing this users issues a quick iostat verified that everything was looking fine iostat continue reading verify solaris 10 multipathingconfigure.

When the failure of an interface is detected its virtual ip addresses are swapped to an operational interface in the group. Change ip address in solaris 10 without reboot adding or editing the ip address on a solaris 10 server is different from the previous versions of the os solaris 9, solaris 8 etc. How to disable multipathing disable device multipathing. Solaris 10 kernel patches 14144409 and 14144509 may cause interface failure in ip multipathing ipmp sun 271519 original release date. The oracle solaris 11 ip multipathing ipmp feature has a new conceptual model. Thus after presenting 10tb filesystem, the server did not automatically configured the multipath device of the vnx lun. We no need to bring down the server to single user mode if you are using live upgrade method during pathing and before choosing live upgrade,make sure you are using zfs as a root filesystem. The old solaris luxadm command still manage fc arrays, but mpathadm command has been developed to work on all the arrays using fc, sas, and iscsi connections. Shared ip configuration for nonglobal solaris zones by default, nonglobal zones will be configured with a shared ip functionality.

Ip network multipathing linkbased without probebased failure detection ip network multipathing ipmp is a layer 3 technology that enables you to group multiple ip interfaces into a single logical interface called ipmp group. With ipmp, two or more nics are dedicated for each network to which the host connects. Solaris, such as storage devices and both datalink and ip multipathing reduce costs. The major advantage is that you can use different ips in test subnet than the ip data addresses. The ip interfaces are now grouped into a virtual group ip interface e. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. Ip network multipathing ipmp in an exclusive ip zone is configured as it is in the global zone. Data address used by applications for actual data transfer. The problem that we are facing is that we are running in a solaris ip multipathing network configuration, eri0 and qfe0 being the physical interfaces, and qfe0. Latest solaris 10 patch bundles i dont know if its just my own ignorance or oracle purposely obfuscating the latest patch bundles for solaris but i recently had a hell of a time finding the january 2017 patch bundle for solaris 10. Outbound ip traffic is distributed across the interfaces of a group.

The stmsboot command updates the etcvfstab file and dump configuration to reflect device name changes during the. Ipmp load spreadingoutgoing network traffic is able to utilize several network interfaces network trunking multiple physical network interfaces are treated as one. Hp 3par solaris implementation guide abstract this implementation guide provides information for establishing communications between an hp 3par storeserv storage system and a solaris 8, 9, 10, or 11 host running on the sparc, x64, and x86 platforms. You can also configure the failure detection seconds in etcdefaultmpathd file and the default value is 10 seconds. This is a short overview of solaris 10 kernel patches.

Ipmp eliminates single network card failure and it ensures system will be always accessible via network. The following components implement solaris network multipathing. Oracle patches solaris 10 hole exploited by nsa spyware. Sr linuxunix system engineer resume, il hire it people. Each interface can be assigned a static test ip address, which is used to assess the operational state of the interface. I thought i would share a simpler step by step approach. The table show which kernel patch revision is included in the solaris 10 update releases and there patch. The ip network multipathing or ipmp is a facility provided by solaris to provide faulttolerance and load spreading for network interface cards nics.

Solaris admin reference solaris storage multipathing. Sun has released a security patch addressing the following issues. Solaris 10 supports solaris network multipathing via. So, in case of an upgrade from solaris 8 to solaris 9 or higher you maybe need to change your configuration. Im trying to find out a way to display the latest patches installed in a solaris box. As far as i know, sun dont yet support multipathing over scsi connections the way that the a3500 could. Ip, which implements the ioctl, does the network access failover transparently and automatically. Solaris 10 os patching using liveupgrade unixarena. At this time few patch exist, but many cr are open against mpathadm. It eliminates a single network adapter as a single point of failure in these cases, a. Flash archive creation and use in solaris installations. You can configure one or more physical interfaces into an ip multipathing group, or ipmp group.

In this file there is an option called failback to. Solaris volume manager, the integrated advanced disk management facility, previously known as online. Solaris multipathing ip address conflict solutions. Network link failure it enables interfaces to fail over within approximately 10 seconds when using the default configuration. I was attempting to troubleshoot issues as a user was complaining about slow performance on a san disk. Solaris multipathing software mpxio operate now with new arrays using other protocols like sas or iscsi. Just a few days ago ive been busy configuring one of the solaris 10 zones on a dmz server, and sure enough i hit one of the most common iprelated issues with nonglobal zones. How to use ip network multipathing in exclusive ip nonglobal zones. Ipmp ip multipathing ip multipathing is a configuration that allows an ip address to automatically failover between two or more physical network interfaces. Ip multipathing provides a server with network resiliency protecting it from network interface failures. Fine tuning of servers and configuring networks for optimum performance. Ip multipathing is a technology that allows grouping of tcpip interfaces for fail over and load balancing purposes.

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